CifiPowa 2.0 on Testnet

After weeks of testing CifiPowa 1.0 on the Binance smart chain Testnet, we are proud to announce version 2.0 testnet of CifiPowa NFT Marketplace.

The testnet of CifiPowa means we are already a step closer to release of mainnet of the entire NFT Marketplace. The team has been successful in development of various product of the platform so far and we are also plan to continue working more for our community.

What is in CifiPowa 2.0?

CifiPowa 2.0 is a playground for artists, collectors and users to play with the platform user interface, smart contract, infrastructure vulnerabilities and possible use case. As a test version of CifiPowa, the platforms enables users to;

· Create own Registry of Art work

· Mint items into own Registry

· Mint item into CifiPowa default Registry

· Like items created by others

· Edit own profile

Future Updates of CifiPowa

With the launch of Testnet version, Internal test of Marketplace is already ongoing. We are proud to announce that we have finish smart contract development and are now into internal test and debugging phase of Marketplace. The initial launch of Marketplace is expected to have such features;

· Support multiple currency

· Auction

· Fixed price

· Cash back (in cifi token)

About CifiPowa

CifiPowa is an innovative marketplace which enables minting and trading of nfts. The platform introduces extended reality into NFTs through its child mobile application Cifipowa X. Artist will be able to curate art and fashion exhibition indoors and outdoors, collectors will not only be able to view art in AR but will also be able to interact with the artwork.

About Citizen Finance

Citizen Finance is a multi-ecosystem powering the next generation of nft-based utilities. The platform as a tripartite ecosystem consist of a decentralized progressive open world FPS game, NFT marketplace with a mobile AR app and a decentralized lending and staking protocol.

A multi-chain ecosystem powering the next generation non-fungible token utilities