CifiPowa Testnet with Surajit Sen

Citizen Finance will be commencing testing of CifiPowa on Binance smart chain testnet. The test consists of creation of registry, minting of new art into exisiting registry, transfer of minted art from one address to another and burning of nft by owner.

To make the test run smoothly, Citizen Finance will be using digital 3d art work from Surajit Sen, an Indian based 3d artist and sculptor. Artwork from Surajit portfolio will be used to test minting of digital artwork into nft. The test will be carried out in Two (2) phases;

Phase One: Internal Test

Citizen Finance team will carry out internal test of all functionalities which are expected to be available on CifiPowa. While utilizing digital artwork from Surajit Sen portfolio, Team will test function of converting 3d artwork into nft and display them on frontend of the application. 3D artwork minted will be made public on the frontend at the end of the phase which will usher in the second phase.

Phase Two: Public Test

Phase 2 will open up CifiPowa to the general public to create their own registry and mint their own art on Binance smart chain (testnet). The testnet will support image file extension such as; PNG, JPEG, WEPB and GLB (for 3D files). Registry and Art will also be available on the frontend but no real transaction such as buying and selling will take place as its just a test version.

Integration with CifiPowa X

Citizen Finance team will commence test of integrating CifiPowa with CifiPowa X mobile augmented reality application after the successful test of both phases. This test will be internal and not expected to make public till Q3 2021.

About GLB Files

GLB is a 3D file format that’s used in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), games, and web applications because it supports motion and animation. Another advantage of the format is its small size and fast load times. GLB files are a binary version of the GL Transmission Format , which uses JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) encoding. So, supporting data (like textures, shaders, and geometry/animation) is contained in a single file.

About CifiPowa

CifiPowa is a web-based tool that enables artist create, mint and trade digital art work on blockchain as non-fungible token. The tool consists of a blockchain graphic editor, nft marketplace and a child application (CifiPowa X) that introduces immersive experience to NFT-based artwork.

About Surajit Sen

Surajit Sen is a professional 3D Modeler, Character Artist, Digital Sculptor and Texture Artist from India. He has an extensive background in traditional art including character design, product design and teaching classes of design and animations nature. He has worked in several games, advertisement and movie project including Motion Capture Movies.

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