Hello! Ethereum — Introduction to Multi-chain

Citizen Finance is proud to announce the introduction to Ethereum using Polygon Matic.

In other to accommodate everyone into Citizen Finance ecosystem, Team has decided to transform the platform from a Binance Smart Chain only to a Multi-Chain platform.

Genesis Development

Citizen Finance will focus on developing the platform using Binance smart chain as the genesis blockchain for the platform. The EVM compatibility between Binance smart chain and Ethereum is an advantage to Citizen Finance team as supporting Ethereum sidechain like Polygon Matic will be of little effort.

CifiPowa and Ethereum

Citizen Finance aim to trasform CifiPowa to a multi-chain NFT marketplace supporting both BSC and ETH NFTs. The mobile application, CifiPowa X will also be able to support both network.

With the launch of CifiPowa on Binance chain Testnet, team has commence internal test on Polygon which testnet version on Polygon Mumbai will soon be up for users to access.

Meta City — War of Blockchain

Meta City, a progressive open world First Person Shooter game with NFTs as in-game assets will support both Ethereum and Binance smart chain. Players will be able to use in-game assets from Binance smart chain to play multiplayer with other players from Ethereum blockchain in a First Person Shootout.

Players will have the option to withdraw their in-game loot as BSC or ETH.

Future Networks

Citizen Finance will launch different applications on other chains such as Polkadot, Tron and Solana. As we progress in development and members, we will research more about other blockchain that will fit into our ecosystem.

About CifiPowa

CifiPowa is an innovative marketplace which enables minting and trading of nfts. The platform introduces extended reality into NFTs through its child mobile application Cifipowa X. Artist will be able to curate art and fashion exhibition indoors and outdoors, collectors will not only be able to view art in AR but will also be able to interact with the artwork.

About Meta City

Meta City is a progressive open world FPS game based on PC/Mobile FPS. In-game assets are all blockchain collectibles which players can stake, gift or use as collateral on decentralized pool.

About Citizen Finance

Citizen Finance is a multi-ecosystem powering the next generation of nft-based utilities. The platform as a tripartite ecosystem consist of a decentralized progressive open world FPS game, NFT marketplace with a mobile AR app and a decentralized lending and staking protocol.

A multi-chain ecosystem powering the next generation non-fungible token utilities