MEME in TESTNET — CifiPowa 2.0 Competition

With the successful launch of CifiPowa 2.0 on Binance smart chain testnet, CifiPowa will be holding the first MEME contest.

The contest is meant to familiarized users with the process of creating Items and Registry on CifiPowa Marketplace.


Users are expected to create an item on CifiPowa 2.0 testnet either on CifiPowa Registry or create their own Registry. According to the platform infrastructure, each item has its own external url to CifiPowa 2.0. Items created should be shared among family and friends to like. The platform will select top 10 liked items and reward them with $2000 worth of $CIFI token.


  • Create an Item on CifiPowa Testnet
  • Share link on Twitter
  • Tag 3 friends and Citizen Finance
  • Use hashtag #Meme_in_Testnet #CifiPowa #BSC
  • Fill the Form


Users are allowed to share URL link of their items on Discord #fanart channel only. Sharing elsewhere on discord server will lead to disqualification.

CifiPowa 2.0 is still on testnet as such, test BNB will be needed for gas fee. Users can follow this guide on how to create item and also set up their testnet network on Metamask

About CifiPowa

CifiPowa is an innovative marketplace which enables minting and trading of nfts. The platform introduces extended reality into NFTs through its child mobile application Cifipowa X. Artist will be able to curate art and fashion exhibition indoors and outdoors, collectors will not only be able to view art in AR but will also be able to interact with the artwork.

About Citizen Finance

Citizen Finance is a multi-ecosystem powering the next generation of nft-based utilities. The platform as a tripartite ecosystem consist of a decentralized progressive open world FPS game, NFT marketplace with a mobile AR app and a decentralized lending and staking protocol.

A multi-chain ecosystem powering the next generation non-fungible token utilities