Meta City — An Overview of Blockchain FPS Game

The traditional video game industry has been on the rise since the first video game Pong was invented by physicist William Higinbotham on October 1958. The industry is not showing sign of slowing down as more features and technologies are being introduced to enhance game play.

First Person shooter game has been one of the hottest genre of video game with successful games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Modern Combat, Halo Infiniti and others. The third person shooter and RPG are also one of the hottest genre in the industry.

Although the industry is still very lucrative, some issues like ownership of in-game assets and its utilities outside the game is still a concern which blockchain based games are trying to solve. Billions of dollars are spent yearly on in-game assets purchase with true ownership of the assets.

Introducing Meta City - An Open World FPS Game on Blockchain

Meta City is an open world first person shooter game with NFT elements. In-game assets are all blockchain collectibles which users utilize in playing the game. As blockchain based items, in-game assets can be freely withdrawn from the game for other uses such as collateral on decentralized lending protocol, staking, gifting or passing it down as inheritance. In-game assets can be seen as a commodity.


Meta City comprises of a Story mode and Multiplayer mode. Players while taking the role of Harry Lam will be able to complete the story of Harry Lam, an ex-military contractor employed by Meta City Company to lead a group of Mercenaries to the conquered territories of Meta City, a region which is been controlled by the “Nunakai invaders” warrior aliens from Planet Iboria.

Equipped with an action packed multiplayer game, players will be able to battle each other using their in-game assets. Multiplayer consist of different mode such as Death Match, Capture the Bunker and many others. There are possibilities of players loosing their in-game assets during multiplayer gameplay.

Blockchain based City

Meta City is a fictional island with 14 districts. The green vegetation districts of Metro, Lykan, Merchant, Long districts to the Port districts of Whale and Port to the mini island of Bohr to the cold districts of Dawn, Mohir and Nazier and finally the desert regions of Deakan, Oasis and Lagrande. Metro districts as the capital of the island is one of the most technological advance district while Whale is the richest. Combined together, Meta City is 1.4 times larger than Grand Theft Auto 5 map.

Skin as a Virtual Commodity (SaaVC)

Clash of Cryptokings

With the introduction of weapon skin, players have been able to customize their weapons with beautiful designs. The weapon skin economy is one of the largest on CS:GO. Players love collecting and purchasing weapon skin to add more beauty to their game play especially during multiplayer. Meta City although not left out, will be introducing Skin as a Virtual Commodity (SaaVC) with the aid of blockchain. Artist will be able to design their own skin using templates release by Meta City team, converts them in blockchain items which can be traded on any NFT marketplace.

To improve the utilities of skin as a virtual commodity, Citizen Finance will be creating series of use case for weapon skin on its ecosystem. Players will be able to take loan using the weapon skin as collateral and also pass it on as gift.

In-game Assets

Meta City in-game assets which are also blockchain collectibles comes in class and rarity. The Class ranges from 1– 6 while Rarity ranges from common, rare, epic, elite, legendary and god.

Bunker System

Meta City introduces an innovative system called “Bunker system” which act as the personal 3D environment of the player. Bunker contains the in-game assets, in-game currency and other items belonging to the player. The bunker can be upgraded to contain more items and new ones can be purchased for a new design and more storage.

Three (3) different kinds of upgrades with each bunker having its own different number of levels for each one. These upgrades would be;
-More rooms/space
-Bigger Vault (more vault item storage space)
-Furniture and other customizations

And each upgrade has its own cost, with each level increasing in cost.

In-game Drops

In other to incentives Meta City players, their will be in-game drops on assets, in-game currency and redeemable currency. In-game assets gotten from the drop are unique type of assets, one which can not be purchased from the primary store.

About Citizen Finance

Citizen Finance is a multi-chain ecosystem powering the next generation of nft-based utilities. The platform consist of an open world first person shooter game, a decentralized staking and lending protocol and an immersive nft marketplace with mobile application.

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