Santa Fe Ambasassorial Programme

Decentralized Finance is gradually growing with many protocols coming out everyday, offering different services such as lending, insurance, yield farming and many others. While some provide services to customers (B2C) others offer B2B services. Santa Fe is a decentralized finance ecosystem providing different tools to businesses and customers for a seamlessly easy experience in DeFi.

In order to grow and continue expansion within the digital assets industry, Santa Fe is launching its Ambassador Program to help us partner with, and offer our services to, other projects.


  1. Propose a project that you think Santa Fe should partner with and explain your reasons why in a proposal. Click Here

Proposal content — Proposal should contain at least the following: 1) Introduction of the project. 2) Ways that Santa Fe can partner with this project — co-marketing, integration etc. 3) Brief introduction of the contact.

2️. The Santa Fe team will read your proposal and decide whether the partnership would be beneficial to our ecosystem.

3. Help us to set up the first meeting with the project team. Provide contact details, etc.

Once the first meeting is set up, Santa Fe will take it from there. There will be an ambassador only group to which entry will be gained via a successful proposal.

List of available services (BNBChain and Polygon)

  • Yield Farming: After the successful launch of our CIFI-MATIC yield farming, Santa Fe is ready to offer the same service to other users based on custom features (Lock period, LPs, distribution and others)
  • Single Token Staking: Projects who are concerned about impermanent loss can also take advantage of our single token staking audited smart contract.
  • NFT Staking/Forge: Santa Fe also enables projects to launch NFT staking programs where their users can mint their own NFTs by locking either single token or LP tokens. This is not just a great way to reduce circulating supply but also gives users fun NFT collections which they can use in the Metalands game. NFTs can include but are not limited to; weapon skins, bunker items, weapons and many other in-game items.
  • Blind Finance: A new way for artists to not only sell their collection but also incentivise their collectors to stake the items to earn from raised amounts.


  • Ambassador NFT (A rare rewardpass for Metalands)
  • Up to 30% in commission
  • Up to 1000 USDT in reward
  • Ambassador Telegram tag and Discord Role
  • Guaranteed access to future Citizen Finance events, such as NFT drops, early access to certain events etc.
  • And many more

What is Santa Fe?

Santa Fe is a decentralized finance ecosystem offering next generation NFT-based utilities in finance, gamification blindbox and tokenized assets. Santa Fe makes it possible for users to invest in low risk assets such as NFTs, using a decentralized NFT marketplace for trading of bonds and tokenized real estate. As a product of Citizen Finance, it is powered by the CIFI token which fuels utilities in all products under the Citizen Finance umbrella.

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